Design Centrum Kielce

The first exhibition will present exceptional achievements of Polish and international contemporary design, showing wide spectrum of this creative field and its unconventional approach towards everyday life. In the main galleries the exposition will present furniture, lighting and innovative home accessories.

In the thematic galleries we will display contemporary industrial porcelain, ceramic and glass, avant-garde jewelry and projects of Kielce architects. In the library we will exhibit graphics, lettering and book design.

We will also show a collection of new, innovative and advanced materials.

Official opening of Design Centrum Kielce on June 22 – August 04, 2012



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Oranienbaum Palace

In the summer of 2012, Oranienbaum Palace will be hosting an exhibition of contemporary Dutch Design and fashion in combination with historical artefacts from the Dutch Royal Archives. Built for Henriette Catharina, Princess of Anhalt-Dessau, Oranienbaum is part of the heritage of the House of Orange-Nassau.

With a major conservation and refurbishment process nearing completion, the palace and its park have been restored to their former grandeur.

Grand summer exhibition April 26 – September 30, 2012



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As a visitor to TEFAF in Maastricht you will be present at an outstanding even, one that offers the best choice of the very best in fine art.

You will have a unique chance to view and to buy paintings from Bruegel to Bacon as well as objects reflecting 7,000 years of excellence in applied arts.

No where else will you find such elegantly displayed selection of genuine masterpieces from more than 260 of the world’s most prestigious art and antiques dealers from 18 countries.

Collecting for Love or for Money? March 16 – 25, 2012



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Nomination | Material Prize 2011

The Material Price introduces the designs of the future. Artists, designers, fashion designers and architects are challenged to create new, sustainable materials and innovative techniques in their work to apply. The designs that are created will contribute to a better and more resilient society. The selected works are presented in a separate exhibition in the Van Abbe Museum during the international event Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, which this year takes place from 22 to 30 October.

Material Prize Exhibition at the van Abbe Museum, October 22 – October 30, 2011



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