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Dutch Design Week | Doen Materiaalprijs

EINDHOVEN – In 2013, it awarded a prize. After four successful years, it is time to take stock. What has four years DOEN | Material Price delivered to designs and ideas? How is continued with the nominees and winners?

To look back for a moment let in Eindhoven show a selection of nominated this year during Dutch Design Week and winning designs of the past four years.

DOEN MATERIAALPRIJS | Pronkstuk – 19 t/m 27 Oktober, 2013



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Nomination | Reciprocity Design Liège

MEMORABILIA – designing souvenirs wants to be a call for evocative power of the objects which have the ability to stimulate our memoray.

The momoray creates a time reciprocity, between past, present and future, and a space reciprocity, between here and elsewhere.

The aim of this call and exhibition MEMORABILIA – desingning souvenirs is to gather a selection of objects which contain representative and recognizable traces of the history of each designers, of his/her place, in order to offer the public a mosaic of little hints of souvenirs, of ways to the memories.

MEMORABILIA – designing souvenirs October 04 – 28, 2012



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Nomination | Material Prize 2011

The Material Price introduces the designs of the future. Artists, designers, fashion designers and architects are challenged to create new, sustainable materials and innovative techniques in their work to apply. The designs that are created will contribute to a better and more resilient society. The selected works are presented in a separate exhibition in the Van Abbe Museum during the international event Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, which this year takes place from 22 to 30 October.

Material Prize Exhibition at the van Abbe Museum, October 22 – October 30, 2011



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