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dutch design week eindhoven

Dutch Design Week @ Yksi + Odesi

EINDHOVEN – In 2016 ‘The making of’ is the theme of the 15th Dutch Design Week. The anniversary year is therefore dedicated to the creative process and its creators. @ Yksi Expo shows work under this theme of graphic designers in a colorful exhibition of Prints Wrapped, a workshop where children come with a top-cook to 3D printing products.

Work of young, recently graduated talents and settled designers, examples of social design and practical products such as furniture from Odesi.

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK | The Making of – 22 t/m 28 Oktober, 2016


satori lamp for odesi

Satori Pendant for Odesi

Satori lamp was designed by Daniel Hulsbergen for the Dutch design brand odesi. He took inspiration from his childhood when he used to build model gliders. That’s why he used only light and very strong materials to create the beautiful lamp you’ll see below.

“I created a lamp with an interwoven construction that is surprisingly light. Because they are high-end materials they are naturally good looking, fit for most interiors”, says Hulsbergen.

The Satori has an inner and outer frame; both are octagons. The smaller inner frame is fully covered with the Oratex fabric to have similar effect as a lampshade. The outer frame only has 4 side covered, meaning the light will be divided and diffused further away into the room. The framework is made from Balsa wood, a specific tree that originates from Southern and Middle America.


homify centerpiece

Fragiele verfijning

Het nieuwe tijdperk dat aanbreekt op gebied van interieur- en materiaaltrends toont zich in haar kwetsbare kant. Transparante, opengewerkte, maar ook breekbare materialen als porselein en keramiek zijn in opkomst. Toegepast in producten die uiteraard menselijk vakmanschap vereisen. Zeker ook de klassieke handgeschilderde patronen zijn mogen hierin niet ontbreken.

De ontwerper kijkt met een zeer frisse blik in dit nieuwe interieurtijdperk en weet de klassiekers op vernieuwende wijze vorm te geven. Daarbij is de het onverwachte samenspel tussen twee materialen die eerder geen relatie hadden, een museumwaardige uitkomst. Nieuwe verbindingen ontstaan door oude technieken als weefpatronen, vlechtwerk, breien, haken en borduren.


homify satori

Fragiele verfijning

Wij mensen hebben licht en warmte nodig. Een must voor een gelukkig bestaan. En hoe simpel het ook klinkt, goede verlichting kan heel wat voor onze gemoedstoestand doen. Een essentieel onderdeel van het interieur dus. De moderne ontwerpen van deze tijd zijn een ware lust voor het oog; kunstobjecten op zich. Zie hieronder tien voorbeelden van de moderne hanglamp die graag hun licht op jullie willen schijnen.




The Bonnefantenmuseum (Maastricht – NL), Cité de la céramique (Sèvres – F) and la Maison Rouge (Paris – F) are presenting a mega exhibition about the use of ceramics by artists of the 20th and 21st century. From 16 October 2015 to 31 January 2016, the Bonnefantenmuseum will be showing a selection of over 250 top pieces from international museums and private collections (including Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Museo Internazionale della ceramica in Faenza, Petit Palais in Paris, Marck Larock-Granoff, Isabelle Maeght, Alain Tarica and Luciano Benetton). It will be a unique selection, compiled by guest curators Camille Morineau and Lucia Pesapane, with works by more than 100 artists, including Matisse, Rodin, Picasso, Thomas Schütte and Ai Weiwei. It is the first exhibition to focus on the relationship between art and ceramics from the early 20th century to the present. The premiere of this exhibition will take place in Maastricht, after which it will travel on to Paris and Sèvres in the spring of 2016.

Through more than 250 artworks, Ceramix tells the story of ceramic art from the beginning of last century to the present, with a strong focus on the post-war production of artistic ceramics and the contemporary art of Europe, North America and Asia. The artists selected have used the material in a variety of ways: from paintings and sculptures to installations in mixed techniques. The exhibition is presented both chronologically and thematically, and also includes a number of monograph rooms that have been arranged in close cooperation with the artists in question, who include Johan Creten and Klara Kristalova. The guest curators Camille Morineau and Lucia Pesapane have previously worked together on exhibitions about Gerhard Richter, Roy Lichtenstein, Niki de Saint Phalle and elles@centrepompidou.

You can find Studio Daniel with Centerpiece from 16 October 2015 to 31 January 2016 at the Bonnefantenmuseum.




A exhibition of contemporary furniture and product design. Every year, this international exhibition presents products from renowned and established designers as well as from newcomers working in the field of interior design.

This all takes place within the context of the Graz Design Month. Market-ready products, innovative concepts and progressive studies from various disciplines are exhibited.

During the selection process for the exhibition, there is a focus on topicality, professionalism and innovation in implementation. During the Graz Design Month 2015, visitors have a month’s time to discover selected works of 52 different designers.

Opening: 30th April 2015 Duration: Until the 31st May 2015 Place: designHalle, 62 Lazarettgürtel, 8020 Graz




As TriptoD we are doing “five inspirational questions category” with on of the designers on TripTod, this time young industrial designer Daniel Hulsbergen is our guest at Inspirational 5




The Lighthouse comes from the same family as the Satori lamp. The materials used are therefore the same: balsa and Oratex. The form, however, I opted for something quite different. Instead of around the Lighthouse is mainly square and angular.

Inspired by our contemporary architecture and interiors. They are almost always rectangular. You could call the Lighthouse can be seen as a miniature of the room.


dude magazine

The Dutch Designers Magazine

The new magazine of BNO gives an insight into the world of designers, how they think and work, what fascinates and inspires their profession, career, choices, knowledge and skills. In this magazine, they have a section Shop & Sales. This will include work by members informing readers in a commercial way to attract attention. In the next edition (nr. 2, October 2014), the publication of our pendant lamp.


seasons magazine


A photoshoot for the magazine Seasons nr. 2 with the theme 'Dutch Folklore' Centerpiece vase(s) have been used.


Elle Decor Japan

Elle Decor Japan

Elle Decor Japan with an article featuring "Fashion and Interior" in the Octover issue (on sale on September 05, 2014) in which they introduce "Centerpiece".

ELLE DECOR Japan Hearst Fujingaho Co.,Ltd.


Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Amsterdam

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Amsterdam

This fall the expo of Dutch Design Hotel Artemis is all about 'Shapes'. 13 exhibitors take part in the Dutch design & art exhibition were extraordinary shaped designs stands central. Shapes that brighten or surprise you or are functional, iconic or changeable.

The company Tulpi shows for the first time their latest design of the primal Dutch shaped seat Tulpi; the illuminated variant' Tulpi-Seat-Shine'. Brand new are also the huge iconic shaped balloon animals Dolly & Hot Dog by Fatboy. The Turn Table by the young design talents of Gimmick Design challenges guests in the hotel to create a new and unique pattern on the table top by changing the coloured wooden triangles.

The exhibition 'Shapes' can be visited free of charge daily from 12 September till 7 December 2014 in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, John M. Keynesplein 2 in Amsterdam. Special 'Shapes' Food & Drink Design can be ordered in restaurant-bar 'De Stijl'.

Design&Art Expo | 12 sep 2014 - 7 dec 2014


Juxtapose – Dutch Art & Design

Juxtapose – Dutch Art & Design

TOKYO - By exhibiting works of photography artists and designers in juxtapose this exhibition will allow a new overview and in‐depth understanding of creativity from the Netherlands.

Contemporary art and design have always been placed together side by side.

This unique exhibition gives a clear vision of Dutch inspiration in a new perspective, curated by KANA KAWANISHI.

Presented by Ultrasupernew Gallery and the Dutch Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

JUXTAPOSE – DUTCH ART & DESIGN | Centerpiece - March and April, 2014


tradition an innovation

Tradition An Innovation Of Dutch Design

TOKYO - In this exhibition you will find various works by Dutch designers who intertwine innovation with traditional crafts. The heart of the exhibition consists of a unique selection of Dutch Design furniture pieces and objects from the residence of the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo accompanied by various objects of Dutch designers, both fashion, product, accessory and jewelry.

Presented by Mikimoto and the Dutch Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

TRADITION AND INNOVATION DUTCH DESIGN | Centerpiece - March and April, 2014


doen materiaalprijs

Doen Materiaalprijs

EINDHOVEN - In 2013, it awarded a prize. After four successful years, it is time to take stock. What has four years DOEN | Material Price delivered to designs and ideas? How is continued with the nominees and winners? To look back for a moment let in Eindhoven show a selection of nominated this year during Dutch Design Week and winning designs of the past four years.

DOEN MATERIAALPRIJS | Pronkstuk - 19 t/m 27 Oktober, 2013


meesterlijk | design and craftmanship


Where can you buy objects directly from their makers? Designers, fashion designers and craftsmen? Where do you see pure passion for the production process? At Meesterlijk - the contemporary fair for design and crafts. Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with unique furniture, objects of silver, gold, textile, ceramics, glass and wood and of course: fashion accessories, such as jewelry, bags, glasses, hats and shoe.

MEESTERLIJK | Design en Ambacht - November 29 - December 01, 2013


museum | de pont

Museum De Pont

TILBURG - The exhibition shows the result of a project which, over a period of six years, 99 artists, designers and architects from Brabant were asked a standard supplied vase editing. The project was initiated by Frank van der Linden, who specially founded the Vaasotheek.

STILL LIFE - 99 vases by 99 artists - September 07, 2013 - January 05, 2014


majke hüstegge

Gallery Majke Hüstegge

's-HERTOGENBOSCH - The design store that offers you a broad and regularly updated collection of contemporary design products in fashion, lifestyle, interior, accessories and jewellery. The collection consists of unique and limited edition design items, next to products from design labels. So whether you are looking for a special objet d’art or a gift, you will find it at Outspoken.

We are showcasing over 60 talented designers, all of whom have only one commonality: their high quality designs. Enjoy searching for your favorites online, or be inspired by a visit to our design store.

Gallery Majke Hüstegge - 's-Hertogenbosch - 2013



de bijenkorf

Dutch Design Week | De Bijenkorf

EINDHOVEN - During te Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at the Bijenkorf allumni students of the Design Academy show their work to the audience which can comment on the work during and after the exhibition Our Work Is Worth.

OUR WORK IS WORTH - De Bijenkorf Oktober 20 - 28, 2012


Reciprocity Design Liège

Reciprocity Design Liège

MEMORABILIA - designing souvenirs wants to be a call for evocative power of the objects which have the ability to stimulate our memoray. The momoray creates a time reciprocity, between past, present and future, and a space reciprocity, between here and elsewhere.

The aim of this call and exhibition MEMORABILIA - desingning souvenirs is to gather a selection of objects which contain representative and recognizable traces of the history of each designers, of his/her place, in order to offer the public a mosaic of little hints of souvenirs, of ways to the memories.

MEMORABILIA - designing souvenirs October 04 - 28, 2012


meesterlijk | design and craftmanship


Where can you buy objects directly from their makers? Designers, fashion designers and craftsmen? Where do you see pure passion for the production process? At Meesterlijk - the contemporary fair for design and crafts. Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with unique furniture, objects of silver, gold, textile, ceramics, glass and wood and of course: fashion accessories, such as jewelry, bags, glasses, hats and shoe.

MEESTERLIJK | Design en Ambacht - September 27 - 30, 2012


The London Design Festival

The London Design Festival

A centerpiece of the Festival is our commissions, the Landmark Projects, created with the help of our generous supporters. For the Landmark Projects we commission some of the world's greatest architects and designers to create pieces of work in some of London's best-loved public spaces

In collaboration with MINTSHOP.

THE LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL - September 14 - 23, 2012


Design Centrum Kielce

Design Centrum Kielce

The first exhibition will present exceptional achievements of Polish and international contemporary design, showing wide spectrum of this creative field and its unconventional approach towards everyday life. In the main galleries the exposition will present furniture, lighting and innovative home accessories. In the thematic galleries we will display contemporary industrial porcelain, ceramic and glass, avant-garde jewelry and projects of Kielce architects. In the library we will exhibit graphics, lettering and book design.

We will also show a collection of new, innovative and advanced materials.

Official opening of Design Centrum Kielce on June 22 - August 04, 2012


Oranienbaum Palace

Oranienbaum Palace

In the summer of 2012, Oranienbaum Palace will be hosting an exhibition of contemporary Dutch Design and fashion in combination with historical artefacts from the Dutch Royal Archives. Built for Henriette Catharina, Princess of Anhalt-Dessau, Oranienbaum is part of the heritage of the House of Orange-Nassau. With a major conservation and refurbishment process nearing completion, the palace and its park have been restored to their former grandeur.

Grand summer exhibition April 26 - September 30, 2012




As a visitor to TEFAF in Maastricht you will be present at an outstanding even, one that offers the best choice of the very best in fine art. You will have a unique chance to view and to buy paintings from Bruegel to Bacon as well as objects reflecting 7,000 years of excellence in applied arts. No where else will you find such elegantly displayed selection of genuine masterpieces from more than 260 of the world's most prestigious art and antiques dealers from 18 countries.

Collecting for Love or for Money? March 16 - 25, 2012


Material Prize 2011

Nomination | Material Prize 2011

The Material Price introduces the designs of the future. Artists, designers, fashion designers and architects are challenged to create new, sustainable materials and innovative techniques in their work to apply. The designs that are created will contribute to a better and more resilient society. The selected works are presented in a separate exhibition in the Van Abbe Museum during the international event Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, which this year takes place from 22 to 30 October.

Material Prize Exhibition at the van Abbe Museum, October 22 - October 30, 2011


pendant lighthouse balsawood oratex

Store Locator

An overview of retail stores where you can visit and view the products of Studio Daniel.

brutal camouflage pattern dessin

Brutal Camouflage

Pattern dessin

Sales Manager

The Sales Manager position is responsible for managing sales activities within an assigned region.

Activities include organizing, developing, and attaining sales through appointments and or meetings with potential retailers, if this sounds interesting please contact us!

centerpiece delft blue ceramic vase


"Dutchman Daniel Hulsbergen is a graduate of the Man & Identity Institute at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands."
daniel hulsbergen designer

Daniel Hulsbergen

"During his studies, he discovered his fascination for different materials and material combinations."
rewood semi-finished product


Semi-finished products

"Almost immediately after graduating, he became a freelancer, founding Studio Daniel. Since then, he has worked on producing products with materials and history at their core. Every day, he takes up the challenge of discovering new materials and new material combinations. He aims to create products that combine craftsmanship, history and a love of detail to create objects that are not only aesthetic but that also appeal to the emotions."
brutal camouflage pattern design


Sophiastraat 29
Waalre, The Netherlands